Core Values

In the implementation of the NLP Strategic Plan, we will be guided by the following principles:


  • Effective and efficient delivery of extension and technical services to livestock and poultry smallholders.
  • Respond to livestock and poultry industry actors in a consistent and timely manner in providing them quality services.


  • Livestock and poultry smallholders are our clients and the center of everything we do.
  • LGUs, SUCs, other government and non-government agencies and private stakeholders are our collaborators and the link towards attaining our goals and objectives.

Integrity and excellence

  • Honest and reliable with each other and all livestock and poultry industry actors working in partnership for success.
  • Set high standards and strive to promote, encourage and support excellence at all times.


  • Support livestock and poultry smallholders in improving their living conditions through increased income from animal productions.


  • Consistently engaging and developing livestock and poultry smallholders as entrepreneurs in their respective rights.
  • Gear towards personal development to increase the knowledge and skills of technical and support personnel.
  • Engage with partners and other clients transparently with available, updated and adaptive technologies for poultry and livestock production, processing and marketing.

Thrusts and Priorities 

The National Livestock Program abides with its mandate to provide sufficient and stable supply of livestock and poultry requirements, thus, enhancing the following seven (7) areas of thrust and priorities:

  1. Strengthen the Philippine Dairy Development Program
  2. Strengthen the National Backyard Livestock and Poultry Development
  3. Enhancement of Industry Competitiveness
  4. Strengthen Support to Resiliency Program/ Climate Change and Mitigation
  5. Strengthen the Implementation of the Animal Health Program
  6. Enhance the Infrastructure Support Program
  7. Continued Support to Agencies

Thrust and Priorities No. 1 – Strengthen the Philippine Dairy Development Program

The program aims to strengthen the Philippine dairy program by achieving sufficiency and stability of its milk production. By the end of year 2025, a target of 4.5% to 5.4% from milk sufficiency is achieved. This can be achieved by fast tracking the buildup of the herd and improving its productivity. Likewise, the program also aims to increase the participation of private sectors and eventually encourage them to invest in the program.

Thrust and Priorities No. 2 – Strengthen the National Backyard Livestock and Poultry Development

The support to the development of national backyard livestock and poultry can be strengthened by: developing livestock economic enterprise; improving the national animal genetic resource; providing reinforcement through technology, information, promotion, and enterprise-based capacity building; easy access to information and extension services; and among others, development of food based programs.

Thrust and Priorities No. 3 – Enhancement of Industry Competitiveness

Enhancing the food safety and regulation standards, providing a continuous support to Halal program, and upgrading the information database through the PhilAIMIS or the Philippine Animal Industry Management Information will enhance the competitiveness of the livestock and poultry industry as a whole.

Thrust and Priorities No. 4 – Strengthen Support to Resiliency Program/ Climate Change and Mitigation

To strengthen support to mitigate the disastrous effect of climate change, various resiliency programs were designed. These include the creation of the Philippine Native Animal Development (PNAD) Program, management and utilization of animal wastes and by-products, formation of the Barangay Animal Health Workers (BAHW) , pooling of genes for further genetic study, and creation of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS).

Thrusts and Priorities No. 5 – Strengthen the Implementation of the Animal Health Programs

To extensively promote animal health and control disease various mechanisms are at hand including but not limited to surveillance and monitoring, maintenance of disease freedom,  stricter prevention, control and eradication of major animal disease strict implementation of Quarantine Protocols, and establishment of Barangay Biosecurity Officers (BBOs) organization and provision of extensive trainings.

Thrusts and Priorities No. 6 – the Infrastructure Support Program

The program supports the prioritization of modernized restructured and post production facilities.

Thrusts and Priorities No. 7 – Continued Support to Agencies

Continued support to agencies in the improvement of laboratory facilities, development and maintenance of government stock farms, capacity building for DA key personnel.