5 August 2021 — Mr. Ryan Bedford, Agricultural Attaché of the US Embassy Manila, Ms. Florence Sevilla and Mr. Lary Nel Abao, Agricultural Specialists of the Foreign Agricultural Service together with PCAF representatives were briefed by DA-PCC experts on buffalo and livestock biotechnologies and carabao-based enterprises of the agency during the appreciation visit today.

Dr. Cyril Baltazar, Farm Superintendent II, toured them around the National Water Buffalo Gene Pool and briefed them on the management and propagation of the agency’s buffaloes.

Ms. Lillian Villamor, Senior Science Research Specialist, also showed them the Cryobank laboratory—the only cryobank facility in the Philippines that serves as a biological vault of various animal genetic resources from buffaloes, cattle, goats, and pigs for future utilization, conservation, and management.

The visit is in line with the US PL 480 Project: Strengthening the Livestock Biotechnology Center, which is jointly implemented by the National Dairy Administration (NDA) and DA-PCC with the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) as fund manager.

Photos (c) Chamanei Elias and Ma. Cecilia Irang