The Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 2 (DA RFO 2) through its Livestock Program handed over vaccines, drugs and biologics to Claveria Poultry Raisers Association today, January 11, 2022.

“Vaccination plays a crucial role in the management of the health of poultry flock. Vaccinations can prevent a number of poultry diseases. It is a process in which the healthy chickens are infected in a controlled way with a dead or weakened pathogen. After the vaccination, the birds’ own immune system will respond to the vaccine by activating an army of cells designed to attack and destroy the invaders before they cause damage to the bird. After the attack, several specialized immune system cells remain, called memory cells,” Dr. Bryan Sibayan, Regional Livestock Program Head said.

“Kailangan po ang mga ito para malusog at makaiwas sa sakit ang mga alaga naming mga manok,” Roland Viloria, President of the Association explained. With him is the association’s vice president, Alvin Paclob.
“Ito yung mga preemptive measures para sa prevention of various poultry diseases,” Sibayan said.
Pep talk on good poultry raising was also given to them by Sibayan and Ferdinand Arquero.#